Stepintomyhouse is a site where you can order USB's or CD's with mixed (House Music)

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Come In, Kick Back,Take Your Shoes Off, Make Yourself  At Home. Go To The Playlist, On The Navigation Bar On The Left Side Of This Page, Click On The Playlist To Listen To The Music. Which Type Of  House Music, Do You Like? Old  (School) House, New (School) House. Scroll Down On This Page, Or Go To The Galleries On The Navigation Bar, And Check Out The Flicks Of Some Of Our Lates Events, See How We Get Down. You Might See Yourself, Or Someone You Know. You Can Also See Some Up and Coming Parties and  Events in the NYC Area. All Are       

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To order  USB or CD go the the Catalog select from the Catalog ie: House Music find the name of the CD and add it to your shopping cart USB Flash Drives are 6 1/2 hrs long  tracks. USB's 8 on..... can now be CONVERTED to CD's Just indicate when placesing order if you request USB to be converted to CD's 


  Extended Play(LOFT STYLE)     USB Flash Drives

Do you remember: The Paradise Garage, The Loft, Zanzibar, Melons, The Maze, Ozone Layer, Red Zone, Bonds Intl, The 2nd Flr, Better Days, The Sound Factory, The Sound Factory Bar, Broadway Continental, The Original Supper Club, Mars?

House music has been around for a very long time. It is a form of music that isn't represented in todays main stream. There isn't any Radio station that plays house music all day long, no T.V. Station, or Award Shows, and if by chance you do hear a house song on the radio or T.V., it is commericalized. The real House Music Head knows what I am talking about.

Stepintomyhouse is a site where you can view a play list of todays Underground House music and purchase hot mixed cd's by House Music Programmer Irv 1.

USB's are 6hrs and 30mins of mixed music, CD's's have a least 60-80 minutes of feet stomping, body jumping House Music thoughtout. With an on going forever growing play list of todays and yesterdays House Music. Please keep in mind there isn't any Hip Hop, Techno music in or on my play list. This is for the Real Die Hard House Music Head.

You can also see how we party. In this site you will see photos of some of our indoor and outdoor events. Pictures of the beautiful people of House. Take a look, you may see yourself or someone you know.

So stop by and Step into my House of music, pictures, and fun, everyone is welcome. Check out the music and browse our pictures. Enjoy and rejoice in the fact that House Music is here to STAY!!!

Notice: I know alot of people, don't know the name of the songs they are looking for. You, are now able to sample 30 seconds or more of each song, on the CD. So you can hear how the songs sounds. You will also be able to hear the songs and their mixes, (blends) from one song to another. This is for trained ears only, see if you can hear the mix from one song to another, play the sample again and again, I'll bet you as a person who knows music will say, "haaaa" that was smooth. So go to the playlist On the navigator (on the top left) and click on tracks to listen,to them, Enjoy. We now have"The Loft Style Tracks", and those of you who went to "The Loft", knows how the music was played, from start to finish.  At "The Loft" the music was not mixed or blend so you wouldn't hear any mixing in the The Loft Style CD's. Also for the Older House Heads, Check out the Old School House, for the tunes that really set this thing call "House" off. So stepintomyhouse, listens to the tracks, sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy. Till next we meet again. Peace and God Bless.                                        

 I'd like to say, "Thank You" to all who has stopped by to visit the site, and to all who has compilmented me about the site, and how it looks.  But Stepintomyhouse isn't only about music and pictures, it's about helping the unknown become known.  Now I'm not a professional photographer, even though you can't tell from the photo's in the gallery.

Stepintomyhouse is becoming a information highway website, with listing of the up and coming Parties and Events in the Tri- State area. And hopefully where House Music Parties and the Events that supports House Music from coast to coast.

Until next time as always: Peace and God Bless Irv 1      

House music progresses as time does and as House progresses so does stepintomyhouse. Stepintomyhouse does not have all of todays house music on its site and thats because there are so many various type of House Music not all are stepintomyhouse worthy. These tracks are the type of music that us House Heads from the 70ths and still bless to be among the New up and coming House Heads of today like and dance too! These are tracks and mixes that I Irv 1 feels is worthy of stepintomyhouse. Music that make you want to dance,bounce and jump to. So as time progresses and House Music progresses so does the Playlist ie: Palylist 1 is CD's I made when I first started the site, so as the playlist grows as more of the latest House Music are product and add to the site. So kick back turn up your speakers and lets make the room bounce.     


NOTICE: I will NOT be adding sample of the music Starting 10/17/18 Titles and Date Mixed only 



This is how us really "House Music Heads" party, 365 days and nights all year long. Our family is a generation of Love, Peace,  Happiness, and The Joy of music, who loves to dance and rejoice anytime and all the time from coast to coast. So step into my house a world of Music, Happiness and Fun

Worlds Come Together Throught Music!!!

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